Chartres orbsHave you ever heard of orbs? Balls of light bathed Julianne and I as we walked the famous Labyrinth inside the Cathedral for the first time on a lovely Friday in September. Legend has it that Jesus himself created the famous rose petal walkway. When you follow the path it is told it will help you to heal. It is undoubtedly a powerful place. I personally wept as I led Jules through the twists and turns. It was a blessing to be able to walk in this space, to stand in each petal. Upon entering this church you deeply feel you are in a place of majesty. Great care and enormous love went into this creation. One marvels at how one could have even built something of this statue at the time it was constructed. Patience and care had to be part of these builder’s tool kits. The Arches, the light and how it comes through and touches all the stain glass masterpieces whispers to you,” miracles are possible. “Like the stone masons of old we need to fill our tool kits with patience and care, sometimes easier said than done. How can we practice patience easily? What do we need to understand to truly allow ourselves this blessing? What if we knew we were eternal beings? What if we really understood that time is not a real construct, rather a man -made device created to fuel our anxiety. If we really had all the time in the world would we be more patient? I think so because we would know, pardon the pun that we had all the time in the world. I don’t mean to be silly but as the labyrinth takes me to the inside and back out it makes me wonder if perhaps I too have an inside and outside. Like the markings on the floor I have a defined form but what about on the inside? Are the orbs dancing around Jules and I guiding us to a perspective or belief that could allow us more patience. I know if I feel more patience in my life I ultimately feel more happiness, more ease, and ultimately more peace. So what are the orbs telling us- perhaps to look in the mirror of the Labyrinth. That what you think you are may only be half true- the defined outline , that which will one day fade and pass is only part of the whole. The inside dances as the lines fade and the light inside is freed to illuminate the great construct that was built in time. Ha Ha! Shakespeare was correct -we are all only really actors playing here for a short time only to leave for a costume change if we so choose to return to the “floor”. The orbs floating around us remind us we are free to relax. We are the inside and the out. We are the solid and the ether. We have endless time because we are endless. We embody space for a moment and then relinquish it ,only to choose it again. Today I am going to pretend that I KNOW I am an eternal being – Why? Because it serves me and that is ultimately why I believe Chartres Cathedral was built, to serve.