Children of Autumn Book Resources

The following items are referenced in Children of Autumn – Here on Purpose and are excellent resources for parents and caregivers of children and adults with Autism.

Jonathan Alderson, ED.M Founder of IMTI

Teacher, Consultant, Writer, Speaker

Intensive Multi-Treatment Intervention

Kerri Rivera

Consultant, Writer, Speaker

I highly recommend her book “Healing the symptoms known as Autism” by Kerri Rivera with Kimberly McDaniel and Daniel Bender, Jim Humble, Dr.Andreas Kalcker, Dr. Marc Ruggierio, Robert L Sands

The SCD Diet

Recommended  book is titled “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” by Elaine Gottshchall

For more information on SCD:


“Brain Maker”

by David Perlmutter and Kristin Loberg


The Options Institute- The Autism Treatment Center of America

Home to the “Son-Rise” Program and the Dialogue Process



“Power Dialogues”  written by Barry Niel Kaufman



Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments

This is recommended for use after the gut has been healed. Look for practitioners in your your local area.


Spiritual Response Therapy | Grace Kohn/ Practitioner – 780 931 6146


The Course in Miracles

The Foundation for Inner Peace by author Dr. Helen Schucman


Tom Kenyon

Sound Healer, Teacher, Scientist, Musician, Shaman, Psychotherapist


HEALING MODALITIES ( For you and your child)

  • Massage
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Osteopathy
  • OrthoBionomy
  • Reiki
  • EFT
  • EMF therapy


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