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Theatre is such a great way for All children to improve their communication skills, exercise their imaginations , connect with their bodies and voices and of course grow strong connections with other  people and in our case with Nature as well. Children engaging with ART strengthens the right hemisphere of their brain growing them into more compassionate, caring , connected adults. We have lots to share so let’s get started.

Children of Autumn Musical

The goal of the Musical  is to “seed” children with a curiosity about the intelligence of nature and their innate connection to it and all its magnificence .

Secondly, the Musical hopes to inspire people to see the beauty in persons with Special Needs and what they bring to this Earth.

Meet your Team:

The creators of this musical have over 60 years of “working /inspiring, playing “ with children between them through music, art , and drama as well as  a strong connection and love for  Nature. Having written her first play at the age of 7, called TREEs – Grace has an ancient  connection to connecting nature with Theatre. All of the Musical arrangements were created by Premik Russell Tubbs, American Saxophonist. This play we believe is meant for the children of today. (Please see our Meet the Teachers section for more detailed information)

There are numerous teaching modules that can be attached to the development of this Musical.  We will be offering our ideas but you will undoubtedly have many of your own as well. It will be fun to share. We are imagining a large data base of ideas for children all across the globe.

Your Investment:

The cost to have full use of the play  is $400.00 Canadian dollars. This $400.00 gives you unlimited use of the script /musical scores for one full year. You can do as many performances  of it as you would like with as many different casts as you like. Grace is also available for questions and support throughout the year. A few scholarships per year are available, contact Grace for more information.


Upon closer examination of the scores, you will have the option to either include two Licensed songs, for an additional fee of $25 each, or create your own for these two areas of the play. The licensing fees for the songs can be made after reviewing the stage play.
The Licensing agreements are part of the google drive folder that you will have access to and you can make your licensing payments here:

Licensing Form and Fee for “You Are So Beautiful”
Licensing Form and Fee for “New Words”

The Script and all musical scores will be emailed to you through a Google Drive link once payment has been received.

All materials are protected under Copyright law. We trust you will operate in the highest level of integrity with regards to use of  these materials.



Payment can be made with a credit card after you have filled out the following form:

Click here to access form

Autism Resources:

As the Author of the Best Seller Children of Autumn, Autism Here On Purpose “ Grace is available to share  with parents, children, teachers, caregivers , aides , camp leaders , and siblings her knowledge in the Autism field. It is her passion and hearts desire to share and inspire as many people with tools she has acquired so that everyone thrives and grows connection with these special people.

For more information on the history of the play, its inspiration, or anything you just need answered please reach out to us through our contact form.

Grace Kohn Children of Autumn Musical

Thank you for joining us!

We believe this play is a tool , designed specially for these times, for your children – all here on purpose at this time. We look forward to working with YOU and know that together we can inspire our children to grow into healthy, loving , caring , highly imaginative , connected  adults.

Many Blessings always !!!

Grace, Dave, Julianne, Marla Joy, Nicole and Friends…

Children of Autumn Musical Stage Play

“Children of Autumn, they were sent from above,
smiling and carefree they were laughing at me,
for I was crying and hoping someday I’d be free,
someday I’d be me” 

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