A veteran Mom of 22 years of life with Autism, Grace Kohn is here to Help you remain Hopeful and Inspired. She speaks regularly at conferences and Book signings sharing her message that “Autism is Here on Purpose”. Oh she knows it’s the greatest challenge a person will ever endure – she cleaned lots of shit off her hands many a times But her mantra today is “Shit Happens and then Shift Happens”  (of course we have to do OUR work for the Shift to occur- then the magic appears ) You can read all about her journey and suggestions and recommendations in her book available in many bookstores and of course from Amazon.

Grace Kohn was recently interviewed by Angela McPherson from the All One Era Foundation:

Grace Kohn has presented in many different provinces and states and would love to bring her message to your hometown.

Latest Podcast:

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Different from the Other Kids.


Where in the World is Julianne now?

Julianne is all grown up and spreading love all over the place.

Awe*Tis *(th)Em

Grace and Julianne in Meteora, Greece in 2012


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