Grace Kohn
Author and founder of Children of Autumn

Grace Kohn is a veteran mom of 22 years of life with Autism. Her goal is to help you remain hopeful and inspired to take uncomfortable action to help your child thrive whether they are on the Autism spectrum or not. Joining forces with Nicole Pomerlou and Marly Joy this fall these three ladies, with 60 years of experience between them working/playing and helping children grow in alignment with nature’s principles through art, drama and music, will be launching an on-line Nature Drama camp.
Curious to find out more about this upcoming adventure for you and your child?
just leave your contact information and we will be sure to reach out to you as soon as we are ready to roll.
You can also find a copy of her Bestselling book Children of Autumn – Autism Here on Purpose on Amazon . Many people who have had nothing to do with Autism personally have found great inspiration and changes in their life upon reading it. According to some reviewers it can bring the AWE back into your heart .

Take a look – it is from this play many modules around water, soil, plants, animals and the elements making up our body and earth will be explored: 

Grace Kohn has presented in many different provinces and states and would love to bring her message to your hometown.

Latest Podcast:

Click here to listen to:
Different from the Other Kids.


Where in the World is Julianne now?

Julianne is all grown up and spreading love all over the place.

Awe*Tis *(th)Em

Grace and Julianne in Meteora, Greece in 2012


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