“Are YOU EXCITED ? ??? 29 years in the making YOU are being offered this opportunity to have the children you LOVE participate in a Theatre Experience that will deepen their connection with Nature, introduce them to understanding “others” -allowing them to expand their levels of compassion while building community as well as allowing their creativity to flourish. We are so happy you found us -YOU are going to love working with this Script and Music. Blessing!”  – Grace

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Grace, Marla, Nicole and Friends

We are here to “help you remain hopeful and inspired ” to take uncomfortable action to help your child thrive whether they are typical or not.  Grace has joined forces with Nicole Pomerlou and Marla Joy this fall. These three ladies, with 60 years of experience between them working/playing and helping children grow in alignment with nature’s principles through art, drama and music, will be launching an on-line Nature Drama camp.

On Halloween 2022, the biggest dress-up day on the planet we have launched our YouTube Children of Autumn Nature Camp Series. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to join us for this tree-topping adventure with nature.

Our ultimate wish is that every child on the planet aged 6-12 years old has a chance to be involved with the Children of Autumn Musical. By subscribing to our YouTube Channel, your child is invited to get to know some of the characters.

From the play many modules around water, soil, plants, animals and the elements making up our body and earth will be explored. Please enjoy our latest video on Micro-greens:

Mircogreens: Everything you need to know

View our latest video about Microgreens!

And for those of you asking,
Leafʻs name is Fallen!

Adventures in ecoRelations, an interview with Grace Kohn

Nature ambassador Danielea Castelli interviews Grace Kohn and Apple Tree in her segment Adventures in ecoRelations  where she discusses with guests about the unique personal relations that they have with the Nature Elders they know and love, especially Trees, Rivers and Mountains.

World Autism Day

Check out these podcasts in honour of World Autism Day featuring Grace Kohn on Radio Free Nashville’s Mystic-Skeptic Radio Show/Podcast with David Daniel

Resiliency Training Classes with Grace

Living the life you were born to live requires Resiliency! Join me as we use the Medicine wheel teachings as well as White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Warrior staff teachings to Shine Light on what areas you personally are unbalanced in and How to regain your balance there. Do this and your  Resiliency to be all you are seeded to be will be restored. Personally message me through the contact page to start you on this journey.


Contact Grace for more information!

Grace Kohn Resiliency

Where in the World is Julianne now?

Julianne is Grace’s daughter and on the autism spectrum. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes on the YouTube channel surrounding autism.

Awe*Tis *(th)Em

Grace and Julianne in Meteora, Greece in 2012


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