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Grace Kohn, public speaker, author and advocate for parents with children with Autism

Grace highly recommends this webinar replay on gut health by Dr. Zach Bush:

The Virome: Webinar Replay

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Grace has been on the SRT phone line every Friday and Saturday from 5am Pacific time to 8 pm pacific time. You can phone in for an SRT session by calling 1-800-4SRTWAY.

Grace Kohn, author of “Children of Autumn: Autism Here for a Reason” led last week’s #communityconversations. Grace, the parent of a child living with Autism, gave a starkly honest account of her experiences, both the beautiful and the…less obviously beautiful. Her irreverent brand of reverence, her spiritual outlook and practical advice made this talk interesting, informative and inspiring. Grace, thank you so much.

Upcoming Events

Special Event with Grandmother’s Healing Haka
April 2, 2021 – 10am MST

A special event on this auspicious day, Grandmother’s Healing Haka offers a 90-minute virtual ceremony to support the Cherry Hill Eco Village Project. We are accepting donations through this link to be a part of this special event.

Due to Covid-19: This event will be presented through a zoom call.

Haka Mu North Team

Please Contact Grace if you would like you and your child put on Grace’s prayer list.

Treaty Six Educators Conference in Edmonton, AB
February 7-9, 2018

” Thank you again for Sharing at our conference – seize the day Beautiful Lady ! Till our paths meet again , Partners in Education “

Maryanne Bushore

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