Spiritual Response Therapy

It was July 22nd, 2014 and a lovely group of us had just finished a ceremony to honor Mary Magdelene.  Julianne remained seated as the rest of us got up to prepare our portion of a feast we would all share.  As we were busy garnishing cakes and putting together cheese trays Julianne began to speak in a way that drew everyone in the room to a stand still , turn towards her and lean in.  She spoke with a voice I had never heard before and what I can tell you is it rang of Authority.  She said ” You know you are all running these programs and you really need to come to a place where you say enough is enough and let go of them ”  The following April I found myself in Sedona, AZ helping with a musical event and had been told of a woman there who worked with a modality called SRT.  We experienced the modality and the words Julianne spoke back in July resonated strongly.  Welcome Spiritual Response Therapy.

SRT, which stands for Spiritual Response Therapy, was fully created by Robert E. Detzler in 1988. What he started then continues to grow with teachers and consultants literally all over the world. This modality offers a way to look at the subconscious mind and sort through it. It keeps what blesses each client and removes what no longer serves the person.  Programs that he/she may have been running for lifetimes can finally be cleared and replaced with only positive vibration. Spiritual Healing is also offered, if desired.  For more information on SRT please visit www.spiritualresponse.com

Grace Kohn offers Spiritual Therapy Sessions, both in person and long distance.
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“One of the many gifts my daughter has blessed us with… I encourage you to experience a session”

Pay for an SRT Session $125 USD

Spiritual Response (SRT) Basic Training Workshop

In Kula – Maui, Hawaii

February 12 – February 14, 2016

9:30 – 5:30 pm


SRT will help you enjoy more success, love, health, and prosperity helping you access your own intuition with ease and joy! SRT allows you to research your soul (Akashic) records and your subconscious mind to identify the origination of blocks and negative programming. The next step is to clear the blocks and replace them with pure, positive potential for your highest good and a richer, fuller, freer life! This amazing healing process helps you to break habits, let go of negativity, heal emotional issues, clear false beliefs, perceptions and attitudes and move into balance, joy and harmony.

In This 3-Day Hands on Class, You Will Learn The Basic Principles Of SRT And How To:

  • Communicate with your High Self for Guidance
  • Use a pendulum and research charts to clear yourself, and family & friends of fears, traumas, conflicts, and self-punishment
  • srt banner2Clear self-limiting programs and release interfering energies
  • Clear yourself of phobias, addictions and other challenges
  • Release subconscious blocks, sabotage and self-limiting beliefs
  • Research and clear past life records and create more joy
  • Empower yourself for higher purpose, find your life purpose
  • Obtain inner direction and guidance easily and with joy!

Investment: $625 USD

Deposit: $250 due by January 27th

To Register: E-mail Susan at morningsun321@gmail.com or call 973.568.8252.

Teacher: Susan Carollo is a Board Certified SRT and SpR Teacher. She will be coming to us from Sedona, AZ. In her 15 years working with SRT and SPIRIT, she has facilitated over 12,000 clearing sessions and trained hundreds of practitioners.

Local Contact: Andrea Scholz, andreaghia67@gmail.com or 808-280-4426