For the past 19 years Grace Kohn has been on a difficult journey with her daughter Julianne. When her journey began few could even articulate or recognize what was affecting her beautiful little girl. At first she was simply labeled as “retarded,” but the issue wasn’t the least bit simple. Eventually, after much investigation and advocating, the real problem was discovered – Julianne was severely autistic.

Having a proper diagnosis was just a first step, one of many. Grace was compelled to put her professional life aside and dedicate her life to raising Julianne. She attended countless workshops, gathered a team of assistants and organized hundreds of community events. While developing needed resources she also put a spotlight on a disorder that was quickly sweeping through an entire generation of children.

Grace Kohn presents to educators and parents about Autism.

Through trial and error, dedication, long hours and many tears Grace learned, through her greatest teacher, Julianne, not only special learning techniques and protocols, but also the essence of pure love.

Grace wishes to share what she has learned with other parents and caregivers of autistic children. Despite the challenges and difficulties the first message Grace has to share is that raising an autistic child is not a death sentence, but rather an incredible opportunity to look at the world in a way others could never imagine.

“Shit Happens and then Shift Happens” – Grace Kohn

“If you have eyes to see I promise you you will see the Magic in the mess”

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Grace and Julianne in Meteora, Greece in 2012

Where in the World is Julianne now?

Chartres France #2 – Enter the Magnificent Jewel of a Cathedral

Have you ever heard of orbs? Balls of light bathed Julianne and I as we walked the famous Labyrinth inside the Cathedral for the first time on a lovely Friday in September. Legend has it that Jesus himself created the famous rose petal walkway. When you follow the...

Chartres, France 2012 – #1

Chartres, France 2012 - Part #1 Julianne and I had been in Europe for 48 hours. After arriving in Frankfurt Germany the day before, picking up our friend Helen after a great day and night sleep, we drove 13 hours to arrive in Beautiful Chartres. It was dusk as we...

Partner in Education:

Maryanne Bushore | Principal
Le Goff School
P.O. Box 1680
Cold Lake, AB  T9M 1P4
Phone: 780.594.3733

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Grace Kohn about SRT

Enjoy this short introduction to SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) filmed on my recent trip to Maui.